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Sun Medical strengthen investment and consultancy activities in Vietnam

On 27th, December, 2016, in Hanoi, Mr. Chang Sik Kim – the representative of Sun Medical Center in Daejeon city (Korea) through Jahon International held a press meeting to introduce the activities of Sun Medical Centre as well as plan of expanding cooperation in Vietnam next time.

Sun Medical Center in Daejeon City (Korea)

Sun Medical Center, established in 1966, has focused heavily on its screening center, dental hospital and training of physicians through its 800-bed infrastructure. It got the Best Foreign Patients Hospital Awards from Korean Ministry of Health 2012-2014. Sun Medical Center currently operates 2 General Hospitals, 1 Dental Hospital and the International Healthcare Center, Corentec (an artificial joint manufacturer), and Insstek (3D metal printer manufacturer).

Sun Medical Center has 39 departments, 11 centers, which can receive approximately 3,500 patients daily. Currently the Center is providing high quality training programs of medical technique and hospital activities through education systems, such as: The hospital executive management program, training program for staff,…

With rich experience in training, each year the Center trains more than 150 medical staff (doctors, nurses, and technical staff) from 14 countries around the world; sends experts of the Center for training abroad. The center also successfully implemented projects of global health care, along with the Korean Ministry of Health; provided consulting services for establishing and operating activities of the university hospital with 500 beds; and implemented cooperation projects in the field of health and health care with hospitals around the world.

Press meeting about Sun Medical Center in Hanoi

The major areas that Sun Medical Center want to cooperate is building new hospital according to the Korean quality; organizing training courses on hospital services, management skills; and supporting for technical equipment,…

Besides, on 29th December, 2016, the International Cooperation Committee of Sun Medical Center has also conducted surveys and consulting for American Dental Centre in Hanoi to make a construction plan and develop a Dental hospital under high quality standards of Korea on the 1st floor of a building on Le Van Luong Street. With years of experience in building and operating Dental Hospital, Sun Medical Center will support Vietnamese partner effectively during the establishment – construction – operation for the first private Dental Hospital in Vietnam in near future.

Survey on site for building Dental Hospital in Vietnam

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