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MOU Signing Ceremony between Sophia Women's Clinic and MEDIPLUS

최종 수정일: 2022년 8월 10일

In the afternoon of 22 July 2022, an MOU signing ceremony between MEDIPLUS Medical Complex and Sophia Women's Clinic (Korea) took place at Mediplus Tan Mai General Clinic (Hoang Mai, Hanoi) with the participation of Mrs. Ta Van Anh - Chairwoman of MedicalPlus Tan Mai Joint Stock Company and Mrs. Nguyen Vu Thu Ha - Chief Operations Officer. On behalf of Sophia Women's Clinic was Mr. Woo Hyon - Executive Director of the clinic. In addition, Mr. Kim Byoung Jun - Director of Jahon International Company also attended the ceremony.

This is an exchange of opportunities for cooperation between MEDIPLUS Medical Complex and Sophia Women's Clinic of Korea in order to bring women living in Vietnam the opportunity to access advanced Korean health care services, especially a new method for the treatment of urinary incontinence in women after giving birth.

As a professional medical unit aiming for worldwide fame in laser treatment of gynecological diseases, Sophia Women's Clinic applied advanced medical knowledge and modern medical equipment to treat urinary incontinence and perform vaginoplasty. Sophia Women's Clinic is committed to spreading the “wisdom remedy” to "improve the quality of life and bring happiness to women“. The clinic devised a method of surgery granted a patent in Korea with outstanding advantages over the current TOT treatment method in terms of comfort, surgery and recovery time. With benefits mentioned above, this will definitely bring satisfaction to female customers. The clinic also performs laser vaginal surgery, special vaginal surgery, and vulvar surgery, making sure to meet any needs of gynecological health care of women.

MEDIPLUS Tan Mai Medical Complex was officially opened in February 2021 with the mission of pooling medical resources to gain great strength to help millions of people have better health and experience excellent medical services. MEDIPLUS utilizes technological advancements to build up networks with leading health professionals and provide customers with great medical care. At MEDIPLUS, the process of examination, treatment and care will be individualized for each patient. This will help improve the efficiency of treatment for each individual.

Addressing the event, Doctor Chu Viet Anh (obstetrician cum gynecologist of MEDIPLUS Clinic) expressed his glad to hear the two clinics of Vietnam and Korea had the opportunity to cooperate together with the shared goal of improving women’s lives and bring happiness to them, since they deserved it.

There would not have been the MOU signing ceremony today without the role of Jahon International Vietnam as a bridge between the 2 clinics. Having many years of experience in the field of medical services, market research and support in the establishment of Korean firms in Vietnam, Jahon Company did recognize Vietnam as a potential market of obstetric & gynecological treatments that Sophia Clinic is providing. This also matches the needs and developmental orientation that MEDIPLUS Tan Mai Clinic, a partner of Jahon Company, is aiming for.

This signing ceremony not only paves the way for cooperation between two medical institutions with the same orientation and vision in the field of obstetrics & gynecology to share experiences in training, research, medical examination and treatment but also shows the potential of cooperation between Vietnam - Korea enterprises. For Vietnamese people, especially women, they have the opportunity to access advanced medicine in the world even in their own country to effectively treat obstetric and gynecological diseases. For the Korean side, this is an opportunity to promote their superior quality of medical system with first-class healthcare services for Vietnamese people.

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