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Vietnam visit of the Gangneung Science Industry Foundation – GSIF

최종 수정일: 2022년 1월 7일

On the last days of November 2016, 4 representatives of the Gangneung Science Industry Foundation – GSIF visited Vietnam for the purpose of expanding relationships, looking for distributors, importers of Korean cosmetic products and functional foods to consume in Vietnam market. Jahon International Company has supported and accompanied the delegation during the visit and achieved good results.

During this visit, GSIF delegation visited and worked with a lot of Vietnamese importers and distributors of cosmetics and functional foods in Vietnam market Vietnam to learn their working methods, make plans and forms of cooperation between the two parties to reach a beneficial agreement on cooperation of import and distribution of Korea cosmetics and functional foods in the near future.

Specifically, the delegation visited Janami company, met the director and discussed on all kinds of cosmetics for spa and hospitals that Janami are now importing and distributing.

Work with the Director of Janami Company

Besides, the members of GSIF also hold talks with the manager of Adayroi, who is in charge of selling cosmetic products and functional foods. Adayroi company is a reputable online company in Vietnam market and its online selling form is increasingly common and popular in Vietnam.

Discuss on Vietnam cosmetic market with the manager of Adayroi

In addition, the delegation also visited a Nature Republic store in Hanoi, met the sales representatives in Vietnam to learn more about Korean cosmetics market in general and brand Nature Republic in particular. This Korean cosmetic brand is winning more hearts of consumers, especially young people with sales increasing in recent years.

Meeting with the representative of Nature Republic in Hanoi

Finally, GSIF conducted a quick survey on Vietnam cosmetics market through the visit to the cosmetics shops in Hanoi. GSIF has been provided practical information about the cosmetic market and consumption trends of Vietnamese customers, paving the way for the development and promotion of cosmetic operation in the near future.

Visit some cosmetic shops in Hanoi

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